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918Kiss is one of the most user-friendly applications where players can play online slot games. The platform was designed in Malaysia and has obtained millions of players globally. You may play casino games from anywhere as long as you have a good Internet connection。

Below we will discuss more 918Kiss, its features, how to make an account, and so much more. If you’re ready, let’s get started!


918Kiss, recently called SCR888, is an online-based casino that enables our players to experience the feel of online gambling through any mobile device. Now accessible on both iOS and Android.

The platform is well received all across Asia, particularly in Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, thanks to our dominating presence. All of these were also due to the massive marketing efforts and fantastic reputation we have accomplished.

Before SCR88 was rebranded to 918Kiss, the brand was already popular for our amazing customer service and a broad spectrum of games back in the days, especially when the online slots industry was just starting out.

On top of that, our platform is continuously making its way to become not just within the top ten but at the peak of every ranked list of online casinos in the market. There’s no sign of stopping for 918Kiss.

Today, we are considered one of the most trusted and dependable online casinos in the Southeast Asian region. How cool is that?


Are you currently wondering if 918Kiss is a good online casino for you? To help you in that matter, we have provided a list of the reasons saying why you should try 918Kiss today.

One of the best things about our online casino platform is that we provide the best quality when it comes to user experience, allowing our players to enjoy the best satisfaction the app has to offer.

Here are some of the reasons that make 918Kiss worth a try:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • For 918Kiss, our customers are our number one priority. We understand that friendly and efficient online support is one of the major reasons players come to our online casino over and over again.

    Therefore, we have a customer-managed service available round-the-clock to address any questions or problems our clients may have. Our support managers also answer live chat inquiries as quickly as possible to provide the necessary solution even in the most challenging scenarios and to the most demanding online casino players.

  • Remarkable Security Systems
  • For our players to feel secure and safe when playing our online casino games, 918Kiss offers them a secure environment. After all, they want a platform with high-level security protections and no threat of hackers.

    To save time, accessing an online casino through a mobile device is advantageous. However, we want to make sure our players’ personal information will be safe. That’s why we take security seriously and encrypt players’ data and keep it private at all times.

  • User-Friendly Casino Design
  • With the advancement of technology, players crave online casino games that offer them genuine feelings in virtual gameplay. That’s why the outstanding animation, colorful designs, unbeatable graphics, and fantastic sound quality makes 918Kis more aesthetically pleasing and offer our users an immersive experience brimming on their digital devices.

  • Massive Game Selection
  • One of the most prominent aspects of online casino games is the massive selection of games we have. Normally, offline casinos provide a smaller game selection and do not introduce new ones. Hence, playing the same game repeatedly becomes uninteresting for players.

    918Kiss, on the other hand, offers a broad spectrum of casino games. There are literally hundreds of games available. The variety of games helps our players be engaged and interested.

  • Excellent Game Design and Quality
  • Many beginner online casino users find it challenging to go through and understand an app at first. That’s why we make it our priority to make an app that features a clear and easier interface.

    That creates a way to find what they are searching for. Also, our 918Kiss app has rich UI and is backed with robust performance that excels in the market together with a massive user base.

    With the advancement of technology, players crave online casino games that offer them genuine feelings in virtual gameplay. That’s why the outstanding animation, colorful designs, unbeatable graphics, and fantastic sound quality makes 918Kis more aesthetically pleasing and offer our users an immersive experience brimming on their digital devices.

  • Awesome promotions and bonuses
  • There’s no online casino without free spins and bonuses, right? The more versatile and more generous promotions we provide, the happier our players are. Hence, our most enticing bonuses are always prominently displayed with links to registration and deposit sites on our homepage.

  • Smooth Withdrawal
  • The less paperwork and time it takes for our players to withdraw their winnings, the more loyal they will be. We know how important fast and smooth withdrawals are to our players. That’s why any 918Kiss player can withdraw their winnings within ten to twenty minutes without any fuss.


Creating a 918Kiss account is relatively simple. You have two options to do that:

First Method: Register an account by clicking on the “Download” button. Second Method: Request a 918Kiss agent to make an account on your behalf.

Remember that choosing the option of how to make your 918Kiss account will totally depend on your preferences. To proceed with the registration process, you need to fill out some forms requesting your personal details.

Note: 918Kiss treats our user’s privacy as a priority. Registering for an account requires accurate and verified information. Or else it will be considered fraud or identity theft. Repeat offenders will risk getting prohibited from entering our website for an indefinite time.

A username and password for your website will be requested from you throughout the registration process. Users should take note that other players can read and see their chosen username. We recommend that you choose them deliberately and stop using sensitive language like racial slurs.

Further, your preferred password should be strong. Try to create a combination of numbers and alphabets, so your password won’t be hacked easily. Don't ever give out your password to somebody you don't completely trust.


You will find endless online casino games available at 918Kiss Online Casino. That makes it nearly impossible to run out of choices as long as you are playing here. The best part here is that we continuously keep our website and app updated, so you can expect new content regularly.

At 918Kiss, you may play a variety of different online casino games.


Wu Kong Slot is an Asian-themed slot game where you’ll meet a martial artist called Wu Kong. The main action in this slot game happens on five reels and twenty-five lines. The minimum bet in this slot game is 0.25, and the maximum is 60 dollars per spin.

The RTP of this online slot game is 5.72, while the maximum payout per spin could be 5,255 times your stake.

This is a very popular slot game thanks to its fun animations and excellent bonus games that players can take on. You can play this slot game for a low initial bet of only 25 cents or a high roll for a maximum bet.

You will find different ways each of the characters could be retriggered, making things turn more exhilarating and identifying the probability of triggering a bonus feature at the end of every game session.

Wu Kong is an online slot game with an amazing bonus that players love in each type of slot machine they play.


Cleopatra is an Egyptian-themed slot game created by IGT. You will find 5 reels and 20 paylines in this game, along with bets costing as less as $0.01. Every symbol in this slot game features an Ancient Egypt symbol, each with its unique value.

You won’t find any mascot as such, despite the slot game being themed, Cleopatra. It has spun and scatters, waiting to be played, not to mention there’s a jackpot available to be won.

One of the best things about this slot game is that it features a golden wonderland, along with more gold on the reels than one could imagine. That makes it a visually appealing game. Also, the icon on the reels is strange and may be unfamiliar to others. However, the designs and colors are good and well thought out.

It’s simple to play this game. You need to pick how many paylines you like to play and how many bets are on every line. The (+) and (-) indicators adjacent to each other under reels one and two show how many bet lines are in play and how much money is being wagered on each pay line.

This is your total wager, which is the number of bet lines multiplied by the line bet on reel two. When that is done and you are satisfied with the numbers, you can hit the golden spin button. From the furthest left reel to the farthest right reel, winning pay lines are played.

Overall, the interesting symbols in this game are intriguing, and the vibrant layout makes for a game that’s simple on the eyes.


Reels of Fortune is the ideal game for classic online slot addicts. This exhilarating 20-payline game comes prepared with four different game modes, which enable you to trigger more generous bonus prizes and a bonus round with fifteen free spins.

This slot game is a wonderful and exciting online from betdigital that provides players an excellent gaming experience. The game boasts a classic theme and a twenty-payline format that provides you many ways to win, together with plenty of free spin round and two bonus symbols that offer you a chance to earn awesome payouts worth about 10,000 times your first bet. How cool is that?

While it provides enough winning potential, the game’s overall design leaves something to be desired. If you're searching for something simple, this is it.

The Double Wild Wins symbol offers you an opportunity to get awesome prizes. When these two symbols show on the reels, you will get a good payout worth at least 10X and 10,000X of your overall wager.

On the other hand, the Triple Pay Bonus symbol activates the most generous bonus feature that is available in Reels of Fortune. Two of those symbols will double the wager, but the three will trigger the free spins and provide a generous bonus prize. Also, a top prize of 100X of your overall bet is accessible, and you will move on to the free spins round, where you will cash in on even more amazing prizes.


Gong Xi Fa Cai is a traditional Chinese New Year greeting. In addition, TopTrend Gaming coined the phrase for one of their slot machines. Did you know that this online casino game is filled with secret multiplies along with low volatility? That makes every spin to award some kind of prize.

You can also expect some cool fireworks as you play this game. After the sun has set, somewhere in China, the complete slot machine game takes place. As the star begins to fall from the sky, the city comes alive with anticipation. In short, Gong Xi Fa Cai prefers to stick to that traditional atmosphere that you have seen numerous times in Chinese slot games.

Another thing you will love about this game is its amazing soundtrack. The dynamic melody is catchy, and you’ll end up humming to the beat after a few minutes. If you are searching for an impartially classic game when it comes to visual atmosphere, then this game is ideal for you.

Furthermore, no study of Gong Xi Fa Cai is complete without including the Eight Immortals. Both games are identical that they could be twins. They are both creations of TopTrend Gaming with a Chinese theme, with the same odds and rules, and are both as addictive.

Every win in this casino game begins with the multiplier meter on the reels’ left side. The higher you climb the ladder, the more consecutive triumphs you will have. After five victories, each reward will be multiplied by 32, which is the secret to a lot of money.


Are you now planning on downloading the 918Kiss app and wondering where you can download it? Lucky for you because our 918Kiss app is currently available at Google Play Store and Apple Store. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you are guaranteed to enjoy playing whatever phone you are using.

Even yet, the Google Play Store may fail to list an app in certain instances. In that matter, the area you are currently living in may have restricted the app due to specific gambling restrictions and laws. 

If you encounter this problem, there’s one solution you can do as an alternative. We encourage you to visit our website, where you can download the app. Detailed instructions for downloading the app may be found here.

Make sure that the APK file is available on your mobile phone. If not, you can transfer the APK file from your computer to your phone through wire transfer or Bluetooth transfer. The whole installation process can only start if the phone is prompted to trust the app developers.

To activate this, go to the "Settings" app on your phone, then to "General Settings." Find the “Device Management” option. Inside, you will find the name “All Continental Tradings SDN BHD.” You can click that and choose “Trust.” 

The installation process will start shortly and won’t take more than five minutes. 


Yes, it is totally safe to use 918Kiss APK. It's a fantastic experience to play slots and other casino games on the app. It’s not just simple to navigate, but the platform keeps your privacy and provides a wide array of payment options. Many 918Kiss players have praised our APK, and our supporters have commended it too. 

With our welcome offer, players can deposit funds without risking their winnings. In exchange, the bonus offers are always worth taking advantage of. All players can also get in touch with our 918Kiss via messaging app or live chat. We also offer different payment options from numerous countries. 

The 918Kiss APK is compatible with all major devices, including Android and iOS. Any mobile device may be used to access the app.


Yes. You can rest assured that 918Kiss APK is updated on a regular basis. We work hard to polish and enhance our online casino so our players can expect only the best online gaming experience.

What’s more, to always keep the 918Kiss experience exhilarating and fresh, we address every player’s demand through constant changes and modifications. We also add new content each month. 

We humbly apologize for the inconvenience if there is temporary maintenance on our platform without notice, as the market may temporarily close in some nations. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and would love to thank all our players for staying patient during these unprecedented times.